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Finally I found a face oil that has iit all! I have always liked the feeling of face oil on my face. However, no matter which oil I try, my skin clogs up after a few days of use. This Moonglow is different! It makes my feel soft and glowing, and I can use it daily with no clogging! It seals in moisture like crazy. No more dry, tight face after wash! I use it to seal in my serum, I use it alone as an all-in-one moisturizer sometimes. It's packed with antioxidants too. I cannot live without this now!

Angle Bush, Berkeley CA

Oh my oh my!!! I love Moonglow Face Oil!! I have had zero bad reactions!  I love how soft and moisturized my face is when I use it. My eyelids get really, really dry and itchy during allergy season and this has been a heaven sent. It has actually calmed my allergies. I am loving it!!! Soft skin without the oily feeling. Chris I LOVE you and your willingness to make and sell such a great product!

Laura Newton, UT


Chris has been a skincare specialist for over 30 years. She has worked as a freelance makeup artist in Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She is a licenced esthetician and opened her first clinical skincare studio in Beverly Hills where she built a long list of loyal clients. There she was introduced to Pilates and fell in love with a method developed and taught by Sebastien Legree. Chris dove into her Pilates training and became a certified instructor. Missing her Bay Area roots Chris moved North and opened her first Pilates studio and full service wellness center in 2008. Over the next decade Chris continued to open studios throughout the Bay Area and developed a teacher training program. Her passion is in education and giving individuals the tools to grow their careers in the beauty and wellness industry. Her latest projects include a luxury skin care line and a virtual Pilates studio. 

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