Essential Tips for Surviving Hormone Havoc

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

How Hormones Create Havoc on your Face, Waistline & Mood

Even when your world is put on hold, hormonal changes are happening all the time. Perimenopause can creep in as early as your late 30’s (it did for me) lasting up to 10 years. Every woman’s hormonal journey is different. As you head into midlife you will notice changes in your skin, body and mood. I want you armed with information to keep your 

skin glowing, body strong and mood balanced. 

First Up Skin

When we are young our skin’n metabolism is working hard to produce new skin cells from head to toe. Around our mid twenties our skin’s metabolism begins to slow down. By our 30’s we begin to notice visible signs of aging in our skin. The dead skin cells lie on the surface of the skin and without exfoliating can cause fine lines and wrinkle. An easy way to trick mother nature is by exfoliating to stimulate the cell’s metabolism. By removing the dead skin we force the cells to renew themselves. This leads to the production of more collagen and a youthful appearance. There are many different ways to exfoliate at home and in the facial room. A skin consultation with a professional esthetician (me) will direct you to the best method for your skin type to reach your goals.

Another concern I hear from my clients is adult acne. We can chalk this one up to hormones. Add stress to the mix and suddenly we have painful cystic acne that shows up on the chin and jawline. At home, spot treat this area with a product containing salicylic acid. In the facial room a light peel containing a mix of AHAs Lactic and Salicylic BHA will help clear acne by exfoliating the follicle and surface of the skin. This will not only clear up the current blemish but help prevent new ones. 

During this time when you aren't able to come into the office for a treatment I can send you a custom kit you can use at home. 

Next Body

Our body’s metabolism begins to slow down as well which can lead to wait gain. It’s not as easy as it used to be to shed 5 or 10 lbs after holidays or vacations. Not to mention SIP! How many times do you walk into the kitchen and end up popping extra calories into your mouth? Even if you're not a calorie counter keep track on an app or device. This is a simple way to check in with your consumption and will have you thinking twice before heading back to the fridge. 

Drink a lot of water! Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst. Next time you think you are craving a snack drink a glass of water first. If you are still hungry grab a healthy snack but you'll be surprised by how often the craving vanishes.  

As we age hormonal shifts happen that change the way we burn and store fat. It’s so important to maintain muscle because it burns more calories even when we are at rest. And who doesn't want that!? If you're reading this, you already know Pilates is a great way to increase long, lean usable muscle. You must stay strong so that you can continue to do the activities that you love and avoid health issues. I know you are missing your Pilates Reformer but I've made some mat classes you can do in the meantime. You can find them on my Youtube channel or join my Virtual Pilates Membership.

Lastly Mood

Hands down, exercise is my favorite antidepressant!! I bet you have never said “I wish I didn't just do that Pilates class” when leaving your studio or finishing a video. 

Ever felt down and a simple walk helped to turn that mood around? I don’t mean to make light of depression. When you are in the thick of it getting out of bed can feel impossible. If you can manage to slip into some Uggs, throw on a baseball hat, sunglasses and get out the door; just walk. While on your walk call a girlfriend, your mom or me! Get out of isolation and move. I promise it will make you feel better.

The insomnia and/or night sweats that can come with perimenopause doesn't help! Not getting enough rest will definitely mess with your mood. 

Try listening to guided meditation. There are so many good ones available online. My favorite is Tara Brach. Listening to her at the height of my hormonal anxiety got me through sleepless nights.

I'm not a doctor and I'm far from a hormone specialist. I started perimenopause early and had my last period when I was 45. I had no idea what was happening to me. I struggled with symptoms for years. If I can help one woman by letting her know that it's not in her head and life gets better on the other side of menopause, I will be happy. So now I want to hear from you! Email me with your skincare, fitness & hormonal moodswing questions and concerns! Let's get the conversation started

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